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Iluminage Youth Activator Anti-Ageing Device


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Recommended for use at night on clean dry skin, as part of your skincare routine.

.Suitable for any skin colour.

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Iluminage Youth Activator Anti-Ageing Device

Youth Activator is the ideal solution for smoothing wrinkles, lifting and firming the skin of your face and neck. With just a warm sensation, the Youth Activator gets to work delivering energy to the deep layers of your skin. After just 1 treatment, skin is noticeably firmer. Over time, it rebuilds new healthy collagen to tighten the skin, improve texture and reduce wrinkles.


Youth Activator uses three professional technologies that are clinically proven to be effective: Radio Frequency, Red Light and Infra-red Light.

Radio Frequency energy is delivered deep within the skin to the layer where collagen is formed. This energy gently heats this layer to activate the natural production of healthy new collagen.

Red and Infra-red Light gently treat the upper layers of the skin, promoting improved circulation and cellular metabolism, giving improved texture and tone.